Welcome to Yincubate

A playbook to train and test your entrepreneurial capacity



Is entrepreneurship something for me?
What kind of job do I want?
If these questions sound familiar, then Playincubate is the right tool for you.
Are you ready to go out into the real world, develop your skills and come up with great ideas?

Who is it for?

Playincubate is designed for students, youngsters and whoever wants to become an entrepreneur.
This is an individual game, but you will need to create a team at some point: so you can play with friends or work teams!

What will you achieve?

Like a hero’s journey, playincubate explores four lands that focus on different aspects of your entrepreneurial development: in 17 challenges you will be guided from self-assessment to idea generation, team building, prototyping, and more.


What if you discover that entrepreneurship is not for you?

Dont’ worry!

Playincubate will teach you new skills that you can apply to whatever you do in the future.
The challenges you’ll face will prepare you for many different paths you can choose.


Are you young and creative?
Do you love collaborating with other brilliant minds?
Are you passionate about your ideas?
Do you have what it takes to make change happen?